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About Website Link Analyzer Tool

This Free Link Analyzer reduces the outgoing and incoming links of any Link to a website. It provides complete information about total internal links and external links and follows backlinks without following links found online. Just type the Link to your Site and press Enter in. Our tool will spider the Site and provide a complete link analysis survey quickly and effortlessly only.

Difference Among Internal Links and External Links:

An internal hyperlink is a web link to another page on the same domain or website. You can take the example of your Site's routing menu, which has links to categories or webpages such as the About Web page or Contact Page. As these links point to another page of the same domain, we call them inner or inside links.

External or internal links are those linked back to you, pointing to another domain from your website. For instance, you give a link from your Site to your's friend site. Since you are linking from your site to other sites, we call them external links.

How Can Site owners Take advantage of This Free Website link Analyzer Tool?

Link Analyzer Tool generates a complete link analysis report in a table form to enable you to quickly determine the percentage between the external and internal links for any website. Additionally, it is very useful for webmasters to explore other sites that website link to you.

You can also use it smartly! Many intelligent online marketers earn money by presenting a complete link examination for their clients on Fiverr and other similar platforms. Therefore you can use this tool by doing so too!

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