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About Reverse IP Lookup

What is Reverse IP?

Reverse IP is a database of IP addresses & Internet domains related. With this tool, you can find which domains share the same IP. Each website is a relationship to one or more IP addresses. Often the same IP is shared by multiple domains to reduce costs. Want to know what domains share your website's IP? It es now ways to find out. Are the neighbours of your website. How have we achieved? We have visited millions of domains and created a database of IP addresses. Remember, the data are not 100% reliable because some will have changed IP domains while Reverse IP update is performed.

Reverse IP and SEO

Do you know that the information Reverse IP can help improve Search Engine rankings? Search engines penalize websites that share hosting with other domains. A few web domain neighbours better position that a domain with hundreds or thousands of websites sharing hosting. It also influences the theme of neighbouring domains, thematic research.